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What do we do as Quantity Surveyors and Commercial Managers? Learn about us:

We create Construction Estimates

Construction Project Managers

Write Bills of Quants for legal purposes

Employers Agents for Developers

Construction Consultants and legal experts

Our Mission

Being a fairly new company established in 2015 we are very hot on up to date issues regarding construction litigation and processes.

We aim to achieve the best prices for construction projects by utilising the many techniques our construction managers learn through experience.

Please feel free to give us a call to speak to one of our quantity surveyors to discuss your project and how we can help.

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We adhere to all of the HSE safety and legal processes.

Recent Work: Added new Studios to Sky Studios Borehamwood Elstree 2023

Sky Studios plan
Sky Studios Elstree construction

Snap shot of some of our work and clients

Extraordinary Experiences

Selecting the very best staff is key to running a successful construction business. Having the knowledge of every aspect before it happens is key being a good QS in our eyes. We aim to make your construction processes easy-free and productive in order to finish on time at the minimum cost.

We are Quantity Surveyors and Commercial Managers that are typically the hidden gem of any construction project, with talents ranging from estimating for contractors and private clients – to monitoring finances, payments and legal issues from start to finish.

about us and our Core Values

Construction managers and quantity surveyors like us, have to adhere to many different types of construction processes in many different areas depending on the project in hand. Managing finances is essential to our work ethic and also to any construction project that we take on.

Key elements of a quantity surveyors roles:


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We are Quantity Surveyors and Commercial managers based in Leamington Spa and Warwick in the Midlands, Warwickshire.

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