What you will earn by signing up to our Affiliate Program

Benefit of our affiliate partnership

Refer a freind

Builders are happy with us

If you have signed up to the TaP service yourself, you can refer a friend and receive £600 with every sign up!

Unlimited Earnings

Is there a limit as to how much you can earn with Oakley Blythes TaP affiliate service? No! If you sell 20 purchases in a month it will work out as

20 x £600=£12,000

So you will receive £12,000 or whatever your sales are directly in to your bank account.

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Use add creatives or create your own

Once you have signed up (for free) you will have access to Oakley Blythes affiliate programs add creatives.

This is a section where you will have your own unique ID number imbedded within it pictures and videos (always updating). This means all you have to do is post the Ad Creative to your chosen area (e.g. a blog or comments section) and when someone clicks on the link and purchases the TaP Service your account will automatically credited with the funds.