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Did you know that when you book a construction estimate online it is tax deductible? 

How much does a Construction Estimate Cost Online?


Your estimated Construction Value is:

Professional Bill of Quantities Cost:

£0.00 to £80,000

or 0.005%


£80,000 to £200,000

or 0.004%


£200,000 to £500,000

or 0.002%


£500,000 to £1m

or 0.0015%


£1m to £2m

or 0.001%


£2m to £5m

or 0.0007%


Please contact us for higher value estimates that you may need.

Call 0800 009 6617 or email us customersupport@oakleyblythe.com

See an example Bill of Quantities below:

Examples Bill of Quantities, Construction Cost Estimating Service.
Body of a NRM3 Bill of Quantities in construction

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    Did you know that you can pay a one-off fee of £6000 inc taxes and get all of your estimates created for you for one whole year!

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    Booking construction estimates online through our website will save you time and hassle by eliminating the need for phone calls. You will receive a confirmation email from one of our staff members.

    With online booking, you can easily schedule an estimate at your convenience, without having to wait on hold or navigate complex phone trees. This will save you valuable time and help you get your project started and completed faster.

    Why do you need a Quantity Surveyor to win you more construction work?
    • 97% Accuracy
    • Stand out from your competitors
    • Tax deductible – use your business funds to grow, not pay taxes
    • Get professional quantity surveyors to charge what you are worth
    • Adjust for rising material costs – real time prices
    • A Bill of Quants will be the basis for your interim payments

    Example Bill of Quantities summary page

    Examples Bill of Quantities, Construction Cost Estimating Service.

    Example body of a typical NRM3 Bill of Quantities we produce.

    Body of a NRM3 Bill of Quantities in construction
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