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Understanding the Role of an Employer's Agent for Construction Developers

An Employers Agents for developers are a representative of the employer and is responsible for handling tasks related to employment, development, management, payments and Final Accounts, but within the companies development budget

What are the duties of an Employers Agent in the Construction Industry?

Recruiting and hiring Construction contractors services like managing their payroll and benefits like handling employee relations and performance issues but ensuring compliance with employment laws and regulations. 

How do Employer’s Agent Coordinating with Developers?

For a developer, this may also include the overall management of the development process because this includes working with various roles like project managers to set up documents such as project timelines and budgets used throughout the project.

What is an Employers Agents Role?

We are one of England’s leading Employers Agents for developers and investors in the UK. 
We can help you get the most from your like finding new sites, getting the best deals on materials, or ensuring projects run smoothly and on time.

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Construction value engineering services; we are Employers Agents for developers and Investors

Introduction to Employers Agents for developers and Investors

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Employers Agents in Construction

Most people are surprised at the amount of players that are involved in getting a project off the ground. Like Contractors who handle the overall main contract, liaise with engineers and others  like designers who also help oversee the project. 

Who do Developers Employers Agents provide paperwork to?

But, also included in this could also be investors, banks or monitoring surveyors who put up the money initially. But, there’s one other player who is essential to a successful construction project; the Employer’s Agent.

Quantity Surveyors and Employers Agents

We are a team of experienced quantity surveyors/Employers Agents based in the Midlands. We work all over England providing our clients with a comprehensive range of: expert construction estimating services for builders and main contractors . Based in and around Stratford Upon Avon, Coventry, Banbury, Warwick and Leamington Spa. being confident that we can provide the same high level of service to our clients wherever they are located. 

Do Developers need Emloyers Agents?

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What does an Employers Agent do in a Construction Project?

When it comes to construction projects, an Employer’s Agent (EA) plays a crucial role in representing the interests of the project owner. From project inception to completion, handover, and final account, EAs ensure smooth delivery, on time and within budget.

What skills does an Employers Agent need?

One of the most important skills of an EA is project quantity surveying. This includes estimating project costs, monitoring interim payments, and preparing final accounts. 

Are Employers Agents always Quantity Surveyors?

These skills allow EAs to provide valuable support to project owners and ensure successful project delivery. Our EA services include support, advice, and representation in the planning, procurement, and delivery stages. We’re happy to discuss your project and provide a free quote.

Our estimating services 

Include construction estimating, cost management, project management, procurement, contract writing, tender processes and construction management also in line with the HSE. We are committed to providing our clients with the best possible service.

The duties and key features of an Employers Agent

Services we offer to our clients as Employers Agents/ Commercial Managers

What are a Quantity Surveyors duties?

  • Estimation of construction works in the form of a Bill of Quantities.
  • Tendering documentation, to hire a main or sub contractor.
  • Due diligence on contractors to make sure we are not hiring a criminal.
  • JCT construction contract, that will cover all angles in case something goes wrong.
  • Handover information and start date to practical completion.
  • Monitoring document (Approximate Final Estimate).
  • Interim Certificate Valuations.
  • Final Account summary.
  • Alternative Dispute Resolution.

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You’re a developer or an investor and you need someone to help manage your construction project. Who do I hire?

Oakley Blythe Quantity Surveyors are the perfect choice as an Employers Agent in construction. We have years of experience working with developers and investors, and we know how to get the most out of every construction project.

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An employers agent is someone who handles all of the developers or investors duties throughout the construction project.

You have a proven professional who knows how to run a construction project and is able to make the correct decisions to run a smooth construction project.

As a developer or investor, you will need someone to create estimates, write JCT contracts, carry our due diligence on contractors, monitor costs and payments, and to create Final Accounts.

Employers Agents are a Construction Developers right hand man

  Simply, by being the professional able to make the correct decisions on your behalf from conception to completion.

Not all quantity surveyors are capable of handling the roles of an Employers Agent.  It’s important to pick the right one with the right experience.

A good working history in construction. Types of documents they will produces, how often will they visit the site for inspection and how often they will liaise with you throughout the project.

Once you find the right employers agent, you will understand the importance of having the right person alongside you. Often developers and investors think they can handle things alone until they meet the right employers agent, then they never look back.

Oakley Blythe Quantity Surveyors are considered to be one of the best Employers Agents in the UK. We provide easy-to-read reports throughout a project ensuring as smooth construction process as possible. From start to finish.

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