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Welcome, land owners! Are you looking to develop your land for property development but don’t have the funds or expertise to do so? Look no further. You can Joint Venture with Quantity Surveyors and have our team handle this for you.

We offer a unique opportunity for a Joint Venture partnership, where we not only manage the project from start to finish, but also provide the necessary funding. All you need is full planning permission granted on your land. Contact us to learn more about this exciting opportunity.

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Funding Available for your land as a Joint Venture with Quantity Surveyors

At Oakley Blythe Quantity Surveyors, we understand that land development can be a costly and a time-consuming process. That’s why we’re here to help. 

I have land with full planning permission and want to Joint Venture with someone. Who do I JV with?

We offer a unique opportunity for a Joint Venture partnership with us to provide the funding and management of your development from start-to-finish. 

Who will finance our Joint Venture project?

We work alongside our chosen financier to achieve a maximum interest rate of 6.5%, when the industry standard is typically 8.5% or higher.

I need someone to finance my development without any hassell, who do I choose?

We will focus on your land development without you having to worry about the financial burden or ongoing operational management of the project (also working to be compliant with the HSE). Selling your land after developing on it will often bring in 3 times the profits for you, rather than simply selling your land with planning approved.

Profits are split 50/50 with all Joint Venture projects

The interest rate we have secured is much better than the average interest rates banks or private lenders offer. This will make your investment much more profitable overall. 

Our Joint Venture partnership is a win-win situation for both parties

We handle the funding and management of the project from start-to-finish, while you benefit from everything being handled on your behalf without lifting a finger. That’s what we are here for. 

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We will Project Manage the Joint Venture from start to finish as Quantity Surveyors

What does a Quantity Surveyor do on a Development Project?

As Quantity Surveyors, we manage all financial aspects of the construction development process, from pre-construction to post-construction. 


We handle cost estimates, procurement, budget management, contract administration, cost control, and final account preparation. 


We handle final account agreements, snagging lists, defects liability, maintenance schedules, contract management, cost forecasting, asset management, warranty claims and ongoing project management.

Do Quantity Surveyors go on site during Construction?

Overseeing all contractors actions whilst construction is taking place is a must for a good QS. Quantity Surveyors also liaise with external parties such as Building Inspectors, water boards and electrical suppliers. Also making sure the correct certifications are in place such as Electrical Certs and Plumbing Testing for full project completion and to stay compliant with legislation.

Quantity Surveyors will ensure that all costs are accounted for throughout.

Projects stay within budget when you are using a Quantity Surveyor on you development project.

See a list of typical Quantity Surveying duties undertaken in a Construction Development Project below

Contact us today to learn more about this opportunity and how we can help you turn your land into a profitable development.

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What will a Quantity Surveyor do on my Development Project as part of my Joint Venture?


We will secure the  full development finance for the project start-to-finish. This includes managing variations and provisional sums throughout.

Here is a list of typical actions undertaken by us as Quantity Surveyors and Commercial Managers on a Construction Development project:

Pre Handover

  • Cost estimates and feasibility studies for residential and commercial
  • Procurement advice in construction management
  • Management of the project budget in construction
  • Measurement and valuation of work completed
  • Contract administration with regards to construction management
  • Cost control and forecasting in construction
  • Value engineering for full cost management through out the construction process
  • Life cycle costing as part of value engineering the construction process
  • Collaboration with other professionals such as architects and engineers
  • Preparation of contract documents in the form of JCT
  • Preparation of tender documents using a RICS Bill of Bill of Quantities
  • Preparation of contract schedules; gantt charts
  • Reviewing and approving sub-contractors invoices after due-diligence
  • Reviewing and approving suppliers invoices within construction management

Please be aware that the above list is not exhaustive and some of the responsibilities of a Quantity Surveyor and may vary depending on the projects conditions.


Post Handover and final accounts

Here is a list of tasks a Quantity Surveyor would typically perform on a construction development project after handover:

  • Final account preparation and agreement
  • Preparation of snagging lists and rectification works
  • Administering the defects liability period
  • Monitoring and certification of defects liability works
  • Cost forecasting and budget control for maintenance
  • Interim Certifications for drawdowns from lenders to pay contractors
  • The running of maintenance schedules
  • Implementation of the agreed fixed price JCT contracts
  • Life cycle cost analysis of the full construction project
  • Ongoing cost advice throughout
  • Asset management from disclosure
  • Reviewing warranty claims when relevant
  • Measurement and the evaluation of ongoing variation works
  • Valuation of variations throughout the construction project management process
  • Preparation of final accounts for ongoing construction works
  • Preparing and submitting claims for liquidated damages after practical completion
  • Preparing and submitting extension of time claims
  • Preparing and submitting claims for additional costs, both variations and provisional sums
  • Preparing and submitting claims for final account including Approximate Final Estimates (AFE)
  • Snagging works with the inclusion of a legal maximum of 5%, broken down as 2.5% after snagging, and 2.5% after rectification works
  • Completion Certificates and Final Account documents; end of the construction project and practical completion
Joint Venture with Quantity Surveyors

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