What can a Quantity Surveyor do for you?

All about Quantity Surveyors and why you need one. Including the Top 10 Reasons to use a Quantity Surveyor!

Top 10 reasons to use a Quantity Surveyor's services.

  1. A quantity surveyor will help ensure that you are not overspending on your construction project from start to finish.
  2. They will help you get the most value for your money by ensuring that all aspects of the construction project are accounted for.
  3. A quantity surveyor will act as a mediator in case of any disputes between a contractor and client.
  4. A QS will provide an objective view of the construction project, which can be helpful in avoiding any misunderstandings or arguments.
  5. Quantity surveyors have extensive knowledge of local and national building regulations, so they can help you stay compliant with all applicable laws and regulations.
  6. A QS’s expertise allows them to identify potential problems within a construction project early on, which can save you time and money down the road.
  7. A quantity surveyor will prepare detailed cost estimates for your project including variations to the job, so you will always know how much money you are spending from conception to completion.
  8. By having a quantity surveyor involved in your construction project, you will have someone to turn to for expert advice and guidance throughout the entire process .
  9. Quantity surveyors work with a wide range of contractors, plant equipment companies and material suppliers, so they can easily recommend the best items for your project until practical completion.
  10. Ultimately, hiring a quantity surveyor is a cost effective way to ensure that your construction project goes smoothly from start to finish with as little hassle as possible, saving you money, time and inconvenience along the way.

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